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Scotia Communications Products and Services Profile

Scotia Communications’ unique brand is built around a commitment to providing our customers with the best products, support and services that technology can provide, on top of easily accessible, flexible, efficient and excellent service.

We extract the best services from leading providers and carriers, including BT and provide them to you as a single, highly efficient, cost effective “Scotia Connect” solution to all your communications needs. We offer a comprehensive range of fixed line, mobile, voice and data services along with a rarely seen personal commitment to customer care and service.

Your Complete Service Provider

How you communicate is critical to your business. You need a Service Provider that fulfils all your needs, delivers quality service and backs that up with the highest standards of customer care.

Scotia Communications is that Service Provider and strives to deliver these services at the most competitive rates.

Commitment to Service

We firmly believe that lasting success in business is achieved by providing customers with the levels of service they expect and demand. We are all truly amazed that so few organisations actually deliver on their service promises. Our “Commitment to Service” programme is very special – specifically designed to provide exemplary service levels.

“Scotia Connect - Outbound”

The UK has a number of communication networks, not just BT. Scotia Communications works with the best of them to provide you with physical lines and access for calls and data transmission. Our buying power ensures you the most cost effective routing for all your calls.

“Scotia Connect - Inbound”

You want your customers to call you and you want to control how, when and where their calls are answered. There are a considerable number of options for dealing with incoming calls to your business. This can be the number you are contacted on and then the way in which your calls are handled. We can provide you with a choice of non-geographic numbers that will help demonstrate to your customers that you are a company with a significant business of national standing.

“Scotia Connect - Data”

Scotia Communications are committed to providing businesses with high quality, rapid and secure connections. Our solutions are designed to meet a wide spectrum of business needs - from multi-site access through to high-speed Internet access.

“Scotia Connect - Mobiles”

The ability to communicate whilst on the move is so vital to today's businesses, that to meet this demand our Mobile services are constantly developing and being upgraded in line with new and emerging technologies, ensuring that you maintain a competitive advantage at all times.

“Scotia Connect – Affiliates”

Recognising that partnering is key to success in the modern economy and that no single vendor has the resources to prosper in isolation and successfully deliver robust end-to-end solutions; you have the opportunity to be an “Affiliate” and deliver best-of-breed stable and scalable communication solutions to your own clients, whilst enjoying commission. Together, we can represent a unique capability to exceed expectations in delivering successful large-scale projects.

“Scotia Connect – Dealers”

Scotia Communications have Dealers Nationwide with systems that answer your business needs. Through our appointed “Dealers” we provide a range of Telecoms Hardware, Maintenance Contracts, Structured Cabling, Video Conferencing, PA Systems, CCTV, IT Infrastructure, Web Design and many other communication services.

In short, if you need it, we will do our utmost to provide it for you. Whether you’re making a telephone call to a customer, sending an e-mail to a supplier, connecting to the Internet, sharing data and office peripherals, or even video conferencing between offices; Scotia Communications have Dealers in your area that deliver the technology to bring the world of business closer together. Collectively, we represent a unique capability to exceed your expectations!


Your complete communications service provider.
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