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Scotia Communications are committed to providing businesses with high quality, rapid and secure connections. Our solutions are designed to meet a wide spectrum of business needs - from multi-site access through to high-speed Internet access.


Access the world of broadband from your phone line. Broadband technology has revolutionised the way we use the Internet. Scotia Communications recommend a range of services which enable a standard telephone line to act as a high-speed digital line, by using ADSL or SDSL technology. Broadband access gives you high-speed access to the internet on an always on connection. As ADSL is unmetered, you can work for as long as you want safe in the knowledge that you pay a fixed subscription fee and not for call charges when you dial up.

Broadband comes in a variety of choices and cost effective packages, your Personal Account Manager can advise you on the one that is right for you!

Private Circuits

Fixed leased lines offer a resilient, highly reliable and cost-effective link between sites, to support mission critical voice and data services. We have a portfolio of high bandwidth digital, point to point, or point to multi point services. These include ‘Private Circuits, LAN Extensions, Direct Internet Access, Frame Services and VPN’.

Dedicated Internet Access

Internet leased lines, provide an all-in-one solution for companies which want to do business online via a permanent, unmetered, non-contended, flat rate connection to the Internet. When you want to do more business online, you need to know that you have internet access and web space, not just sometimes, but all the time!

Scotia Communications offer your business the flexibility to choose how much bandwidth you need and the tools to help you become a more profitable and effective e-trader.

Network Design & Implementation

When your data communications are complex and you need the flexibility to add or remove sites, boost your bandwidth or connect different computers and local area networks over a wide area, our managed data solutions are certain to fit the bill. Using highly reliable, high-speed worldwide networks, people in your company can share information and applications, helping to improve productivity and keep costs down.

Assessing your requirements with respect to premises, number of users and locations, we will recommend the best network design to meet your needs; irrespective of size and type of company, whether in one building or in various locations, our aim is to provide the best solution, encompassing all your requirements.

Scotia Communications has a wide knowledge base of networking, office IT systems and communications, with experience in installation and maintenance of all sizes of networks, from small workgroups to large multi-server worldwide WAN installations.


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