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Scotia Communications Ltd in Partnership with THUS provides communications solutions to business customers throughout the UK under the THUS and Demon brands. In an industry punctuated by inexperience, we can draw upon a knowledge base established over more than a decade in the delivery of data, telecoms and Internet services.

We are focused on providing high quality, integrated services that support customers in the delivery of all of their data, telecommunications, Internet and call centre requirements. Together we're providing innovative, value for money services that do not compete solely on price, reflecting a value-added approach to meeting customers' business requirements.

  • THUS plc is one of the UK's leading integrated solutions providers operating in three main areas of communication; Internet and interactive, data and telecoms, and customer contact centres.
  • THUS's network is one of the most technologically advanced in the UK providing high bandwidth services on a national basis
  • THUS has over 35,000 square feet of web hosting capacity across the United Kingdom
  • THUS has established a significant reputation as a quality operator in the market
  • Internet Magazine recently placed Demon as the "Best ISP on the Planet"

As the UK's first ISP (Internet Service Provider), THUS have considerable experience and a proven track record in the development of innovative Internet services. Demon Internet is consistently recognised as the quality leader in the ISP market having built a reputation for first class customer care and product innovation.

THUS have a significant and well-established customer base principally in the corporate and SME markets. They continue to extend their range of customers, recently winning an important public sector customer, a new 3 year data contract for the provision of high speed, data network services to link three of London's premier University colleges, with the potential to link to a further 100 Further and Higher Educational establishments around the capital.

THUS delivers both standard and bespoke solutions to address customers' existing business needs and works hand in hand with customers through their 'Dealer Channel', to develop new business opportunities. Scotia Communications is a very significant Scottish 'Thus Dealer' with strategic partners throughout the UK and together we deliver best of breed solutions to all businesses. The Company's record in the creation of innovative new services is complemented by an award winning focus on quality and full accreditation under the ISO9001 standard.

THUS National Network

Completion of Thus's national network marks one of the fastest ever provision of a national network and advanced services platform in UK telecommunications history. Thus have increased the fibre length of the network by 100% to 5,779 km, expanded their points of presence from 88 to 106, taking service to 20 key business centres across the country and increased their metropolitan area networks from 8 to 15.

Thus's traditional Scottish and London base has expanded to include major commercial centres throughout the UK including:

• Liverpool
• Chester
• Manchester
• Warrington
• Newcastle
• Birmingham
• Gloucester
• Bristol
• Reading
• Swindon
• Leeds
• Middlesborough

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Advanced Server Hosting

THUS' Advanced Hosting Solutions have been specifically designed for organisations whose websites require the highest level of reliability / availability, functionality and performance, but who don't want the financial and operational burdens associated with managing their own hardware, software, dedicated Internet connections and technical staff.

THUS and DEMON Product Portfolio:

ADSL provides businesses and residential users with a permanent, high-speed connection to the Internet using a standard analogue phone line - and allows you to make voice calls using a traditional telephone while you are online. THUS ADSL services are provided via the Demon brand.

Advanced Server Hosting
THUS's Advanced Hosting Solutions have been specifically designed for organisations whose websites require the highest level of reliability/availability, functionality and performance, but who don't want the financial and operational burdens associated with managing their own hardware, software, dedicated Internet connections and technical staff.

ASP frees you from the hassle and expense of buying and running the software your business needs. You have no need to tie up IT resource with installation or day-to-day problems and you can replace or upgrade the software as you wish.

Contact Centre Services
A Contact Centre is one of today's most powerful business
tools. It can play a vital role in increasing your sales, improving the service you offer to customers and building your relationships with them.

Carrier Services
THUS Carrier Services offers expertise in the provision of advanced voice and data networks to Other Licensed Operators. Our comprehensive DWDM and SDH backbone ,delivers seamless connectivity to operators throughout the whole of the UK.

Call Control
Call Control gives your business two major advantages: it improves both your service offering and your profitability. Call Control enables you to offer your customers 0800, 0845 or 0870 numbers.

Corporate Dial Up
Most large companies have employees that require either Internet access, or access to the office Local Area Network (LAN) from remote locations. Traditionally this would have been done either in-house, or using multiple individual accounts from an ISP. Not only has this proved costly, but also difficult to administrate.

Accordingly, THUS's Corporate Dial Up service has been designed to overcome these issues, making remote access for small to medium organisations cost effective, easy to implement and manage.

Demon Commerce
This is the complete electronic-commerce solution. A straightforward way for small and medium sized businesses to set up an online shop quickly and cost effectively, with the help of one of the UK's most experienced Internet Service Providers.

Demon Express
Demon Express is a specialised package for personal and business users who need to download large files from the Internet, but who do not wish to set up a site containing large files themselves.

Flexible Networking
A high-performance managed data network service for businesses wishing to connect computers and local area networks (LANs), over a wide area network (WANs).

A high power data network service for businesses that need to transfer large volumes of data between many different sites.

Open Access Essential
Open Access Essential is a flexible indirect access telephone service providing a wide range of businesses with a cost effective solution to their telephony needs. The simplicity and speed of implementation and comprehensive call analysis capabilities offered by Essential Business, gives small and medium sized businesses choice and control.

Open Access Premier
Open Access Premier is the high quality, flexible, directly connected voice offering from THUS. It’s combination of leading tariffs, superior Service Level Agreements & customer support, with excellent features and a fully featured call analysis package, make it ideal for any medium to large company, or corporate looking to maximize quality, while reducing costs.

Demon Premier Connect
Demon Premier Connect is a comprehensive and reliable Internet access package from one of the UK's most experienced Internet service providers.

Demon Server Hosting
Demon Server Hosting solutions provide you with the reliability, power and functionality of a Sun Cobalt RaQ server dedicated to your organisation. Your server will be located in one of their secure, state of the art Internet Data Centres with Demon's renowned round-the-clock technical support.

Demon Showroom
Demon Showroom brings together the most useful and popular Internet services into one convenient package for businesses.

Demon Super Showroom
Demon Super Showroom connects your business to the Internet via a high speed ISDN line. If you want fast, reliable dial-up Internet access for up to five hours each day, Demon Super Showroom is the solution for you.

Demon Superstore
Demon Superstore offers a comprehensive range of Leased Line solutions. You can connect to Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and the Internet via a fast, permanent connection. You have high speed access with the confidence that your connection is always open and ready for business.

Ethernet Portfolio
THUS Ethernet services, a portfolio of high-speed Metropolitan or National Ethernet service, allows UK companies to link sites through private Ethernet connections operating at the same high speed as their office network. THUS Ethernet provides businesses with a cost-effective alternative to expensive leased lines, to link their offices and local area networks (LANs) across Metropolitan (MAN) and UK networks, breaking the last mile and geographical barriers.



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