Exclusive Scottish Dealer for Uniworld

The UK has a number of communication networks, not just BT. Scotia Communications works with the best of them to provide you with physical lines and access for calls and data transmission. Our buying power ensures you the most cost effective routing for all your calls.

Who are Uniworld?

One of these companies is Uniworld, an independent solutions company offering outstanding services and highly cost effective solutions from the leading Telco’s and Service Providers in the World.

Uniworld have recognised and acknowledged Scotia Communications standing as a major player in the Scottish ‘communications’ market, by accrediting us their ‘Exclusive Dealer for Scotland.’

Uniworld provide services only via their channel partners and don’t sell direct to clients. They deliver first class service combined with leading edge tariffs and commissions.

Uniworld are one of the fastest growing resellers in the UK and they operate with no borrowings or debts. Their success and strength is based on an unrivalled combination of service, quality, first class support to their channel partners and their clients, a strong administrative and account management platform and an outstanding knowledge of Carriers’ services and their strengths.

How will this benefit our clients?

Through this exclusive dealership agreement, corporate clients are realising that there is significantly more than just cost savings to be had with Least Cost Routing [LCR], as this unique partnership has enabled the business community to access not only some outstanding tariffs, but perhaps more importantly, it has led the way for unsurpassed levels of connectivity, resilience and service which is sometimes sadly lacking in this market.



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