T-Mobile – History

T-Mobile is part of one of the largest mobile companies in the world. It is the UK network of T-Mobile International, one of the four strategic pillars of Deutsche Telekom AG. Deutsche Telekom's subsidiaries and affiliated companies serve over 80 million mobile customers worldwide. As well as the UK, it operates mobile companies in the USA, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia. This means great service, plus the backing of a truly global presence.

T-Mobile UK was launched on 18 April 2002, succeeding the One 2 One company that had been established in 1993. It is one of the leading mobile communications providers in the country, with 12.4 million customers at the end of 2002. In a recent opinion poll, customers in Britain rated T-Mobile UK as the mobile provider with the biggest improvements. As a result, the company strengthened its position in the market, making it one of the biggest in the UK.

T-Mobile - setting new standards for its competitors.

• T-Mobile was the country’s number three mobile operator in 2002 in terms of subscribers

• T-Mobile UK was the first and remains the only provider, to offer free voicemail as part of its standard service for all its customers

• T-Mobile’s “Everyone” packages were awarded the “Best Contract Package” at the Mobile Choice Awards 2002

• T-Mobile UK was not only the first to launch true multimedia messaging, it was also the country’s first and only mobile operator to offer a complete picture messaging service with both mobile and web-based features

• JD Power recognized T-Mobile UK as the most improved mobile provider in their recent survey of mobile telephone customer satisfaction

Global Brand for global movers.

T-Mobile is still the only provider offering its customers seamless trans-Atlantic services. A recognizable T-Mobile brand, present on international markets, assuring the same high quality everywhere, is an important orientation. So is the single brand philosophy, the “Get more” promise: T-Mobile wants to give it’s customers more value, more features and more service.

Change of names.

The global brand covers all T-Mobile subsidiaries. In 2002, German T-Mobil, British One 2 One, Austrian max.mobil., and VoiceStream in the United States officially changed their names to T-Mobile. In the same year, the Czech operator RadioMobil rebranded to the common name and in February 2003, Dutch operator Ben followed the others, becoming T-Mobile Netherlands. And so the T-Mobile brand symbolizes reliability, attractiveness, and innovation throughout Europe and the United States.

T-Mobile Worldwide

Deutsche Telekom, within the group, holds direct or indirect investments in mobile communications companies in 17 countries. T-Mobile owns network operators in Germany (T-Mobile Deutschland), the United States (T-Mobile USA), Great Britain (T-Mobile UK), Austria (T-Mobile Austria) and the Netherlands (T-Mobile Netherlands). In the Czech Republic, it has a majority stake in T-Mobile Czech Republic, major holdings in Poland (PTC) and Russia (MTS), as well as indirect shares in Belarus and Canada. In addition to these complete and partial ownerships of T-Mobile in 10 countries, Deutsche Telekom is represented in Hungary and Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovena, Slovakia, the Ukraine, and the Philippines.

Two core product areas.

The company focuses on two core product areas – T-Mobile consumer solutions and T-Mobile business solutions, a business-to-business product unit. With these, technologies, on the move no longer means out of touch – emancipating workers from the binds of the desk and giving mobility lifestyle services to any mobile phone user.

About 54 million customers, in five European countries and the United States, use an array of innovative T-Mobile products, such as seamless trans-Atlantic roaming based on GSM, flat-rate international calling, Virtual Private Networks, W-LAN and mobile multimedia services. T-Mobile is excellently positioned in all these markets. And even more: the affiliates and subsidiaries of T-Mobile have the necessary licenses to reach 600 million people with mobile communications services – about every tenth person on the planet. As part of it’s brand philosophy, the company will strengthen it’s commitment to quality and a superior range of voice and data products.


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