O2 – History

O2 was formed in April 2002. They are a leading provider of mobile communications services with 100% ownership of mobile network operators in three countries - the UK, Germany and Ireland - as well as a leading mobile internet portal. All their businesses are branded O2. Additionally, the company has operations on the Isle of Man - Manx Telecom - and owns O2 Airwave, an advanced, digital emergency communications service.

O2 is the new modern way of communication. Their mobile businesses cover some of the largest markets in Europe, with the UK and German markets giving them access to a total population of over 141 million people. They have well-established and profitable mobile businesses in the UK and Ireland, where O2 UK and O2 Ireland each have a track record of revenue and growth.

In these countries, they have developed a strong presence in high value markets and in the provision of mobile data and internet services.

Their businesses have all deployed commercial GPRS (General Packet Switched Radio System or 2.5G) networks and have secured third generation mobile telephony ("3G") licences. GPRS has enabled always-on connectivity for mobile office services, e-commerce, virtual banking, online billing, entertainment, mobile internet and other mobile data services.

The mobile data business is designed to create value for their group by attracting high value customers, by increasing the voice and data usage of their networks and by reducing churn, through high quality content, services and applications and closer relationships with customers.

The markets have been highly receptive to the first wave of data products, seeing significant increases in the use of text messaging both within the person-to person, premium and wholesale markets. They have also made an encouraging start with their portfolio of interactive services, having launched their Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) and Java Games.

Usage of these services is expected to increase further throughout 2003, with the introduction of full MMS interconnection between networks and a greater choice of multimedia, colour-screen handsets.

They have successfully launched a range of data products across O2, with sales of the XDA device continuing to show steady growth. The device combines GPRS mobile data networks with conventional GSM, to offer full colour internet access, web-based email and extensive mobile phone capabilities.

They believe in the significant benefits that a high-speed 3G network will bring to their customers. 3G will greatly enhance the delivery of a wide range of multimedia services, including new services such as video streaming. However, they do not see 3G becoming a significant commercial reality until 2004/05. In the meantime, GPRS will be the main bearer of multimedia services.

O2 now offers a wide range of services, for example.

Email on the move…

  • Mobile Web – 5 times faster than standard GSM services. This is an Internet based email, which can be accessible from anywhere
  • BlackBerry TM – Wireless email solution for your business. Lets users access their email on the move
  • Low international calls from the EU to the UK
  • No peak or off peak, no difference between mobile and landline calls
  • O2 have over 11 million UK customers who make 45 million calls and send over 20 million text messages per day.

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