As the UK's leading solutions provider, BT has established a sound reputation over many years. They have also worked hard to build a strong brand that is now instantly recognised worldwide. Scotia Communications Limited are proud to be one of only three 'Valued Added Resellers for BT'.

  • Over the last 10 years, BT has invested circa £27 billion in creating one of the most reliable and resilient networks in the World
  • BT spend an average of £280 million a year on research and development
  • The focus is mainly on quality improvement through network enhancements and the development of innovative products and services

From a single business line through to a global network, BT's range of voice and data solutions can support all customers.

BT has a vast range of voice and data solutions; some of which are listed here. Scotia Communications Ltd is a significant 'Value Added Reseller for BT' and has access to and supplies, all of BT's Product Portfolio to our business clients.

Our customers have a variety of key business needs. We can help them to provide a fully integrated solution for each one - enabling them to meet all of their diverse communications requirements.

Scotia Communications Guide to BT Business Connectivity Services

Scotia Communications are committed to providing businesses with high quality, rapid and secure connections. The following BT solutions are designed to meet a wide spectrum of business needs - from multi-site access through to high-speed Internet access.

Multi-Site Data and IP Services

Building Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with Btnet equIP and IP Clear, with the option of Class of Service for voice or priority applications. There are well known platforms like FrameStream, CellStream and SMDS for supporting LAN's and WANs.

BT Portfolio
• BTnet equIP
• CellStream
• FrameStream
• IPStream

• LearningStream

Internet Access Services

There is a range of access solutions starting with simple dial-up, through ADSL (an 'always on' service, with a range of access speeds), to Btnet Flex (a business class bandwidth to the Internet that can be upgraded to higher bandwidths at very short notice). The range of bandwidths available is from 64Kbps to 30Mbps.

BT Portfolio
• BTNet4
• BTnet Flex
• BTnet Secure
• BTnet Start
• BTnet Start ADSL

Point-to-Point Services

Businesses often want permanently connected circuits for their own exclusive use. These can be used to transmit large amounts of voice and data. Private circuits offer security and secrecy and are ideal for high volume, time critical applications. KiloStream and MegaStream offer bandwidths starting from 2.4Kbps and have resilience options.

BT Portfolio
• KiloStream N
• MegaStream
• MegaStream1
• International Private Circuits

Voice and Data Access

There are still all of the PSTN network services covering Analogue, ISDN and BT Business Plan; as well as having access to a full International portfolio of services. Internet web hosting, E-Commerce and secure trading services reflect the growing demands from customers for flexible, secure services that allow them to trade on the Internet.

BT Portfolio
• ISDN2e
• ISDN30
• Business Highway

BT is continuing to enhance its extensive portfolio of products and services, providing exciting new business opportunities to it’s clients, which are all available through Scotia Communications Ltd.

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